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User Agreement

APPLICABILITY OF THE AGREEMENT This agreement encompasses the legal terms and conditions for Fly4Trip and its affiliated companies to proffer its services to the clients, who intend to make a purchase or enquire the products or services provided by Fly4Trip from its website. USER’S RESPONSIBILITY OF COGNIZANCE OF THE AGREEMENT The users, who are approaching to Fly4Trip to purchase or even enquire any product or service provided by Fly4Trip are expected to read, understand and abide by the terms and conditions and other rules and regulations of the agreement in order to avail the required services. For maintenance or security reasons, Fly4Trip reserves the right to discontinue or terminate the access of its user/users to its website or any other associated channels. There are certain products and services (such as hotel properties) you will find in the website, which are originally consolidated from third party suppliers. In addition to this, the other services particularly provided by Fly4Trip, such as flight tickets, holiday packages etc. are deemed to be a part of the agreement and even in the conflict between the terms of service and the agreement, the terms of this agreement shall prevail. The rights shall be entitled to the service provider to govern or change or update any particular feature, service or product, offers or the operating guidelines and rules and policies. Users shall be responsible to ensure their compliance with the rules and regulations and policy. THIRD PARTY ACCOUNT INFORMATION Fly4Trip provides its users with personal Account Access Service in its Fly4Trip website users authorize Fly4Trip and its agents to access third party sites, including that of banks and other payments gateways users use for the online transactions while purchasing any service or product. While registering, or signing up to the Fly4Trip  account, users are required to choose a passport and are responsible to maintain the confidentiality of the passport of the account. The user is responsible for all activities that occur during the procedure to avail any service or product provided by Fly4Trip. If the user finds any threat regarding security, they should immediately inform Fly4Trip.Fly4Trip will not be responsible for any loss that may be occurred by the user’s end. FEES PAYMENT Fly4Trip reserves the right to make changes or alter the prices or fees of any service or products provided by us, as well as transaction fees based on certain completed transactions using the services. The users are expected to comply with the changes in the fees or prices of the products or services. The company may increase the price in case of any changes in taxes or imposition of the new tax by the government and shall have to be borne by the customers. In the rare possibilities, where the customer is cancelling or the reservation not getting confirmed for any reason, Fly4Trip will instantly initiate the refund process and intimate the customer for the same. Fly4Trip will not be obligated to make any replacement for the cancelled or unconfirmed one and further bookings by the customer will be treated as new transactions. However, the user can request Fly4Trip for a refund against any unutilized or ‘no show’ flight or hotel booking within 90 days from the date of departure for the flight ticket or the date of check in for the hotel booking. Fly4Trip will immediately initiate the refund, if any applicable, depending on the airline, hotel and Fly4Trip policy. CONFIDENTIALITY Any confidential information specifically mentioned by Fly4Trip shall not be disclosed by the customer to anyone or anywhere until and unless required by law or to serve the purpose of this agreement and the obligations of both the parties therein. USES OF THE MOBILE NUMBER OF THE USER BY Fly4Trip While registering your User Account, Fly4Trip may ask you to register your mobile number for OTP, booking confirmation, updates on any changes of policy or deals and discounts, payment confirmation, refund status, cancellation, schedule change or any such other relevant information via SMS or voice call.Fly4Trip may also contact the user on the contact number given by the user while registering the account for any incomplete itinerary to know and identify the purpose and the preference of the customer for completing the booking and also to help the user get what he/she requires for the same. By providing the contact number or Email, the user hereby gives his consent to Fly4Trip to communicate the user via SMS, Voice Call or Email. The communication is not an ‘unsolicited commercial communication’ as per the guidelines of Telecom Regulation Authority of India (TRAI) or such other authority of India and abroad.Fly4Trip will not be responsible for any damages or losses incurred by the user by providing the wrong Email Id or Mobile number to Fly4Trip while registering or booking any product or service. LIABILITIES OF THE USER Fly4Trip is only responsible for the transactions that are made by the users through Fly4Trip. But Fly4Trip will not be responsible for screening, censoring, controlling of transactions and whether the transactions are legal as per the laws of the country or place of the user. The user shall be committed to abide by the rules and regulations and the guidelines provided by Fly4Trip, which is expected to be changed from time to time depending on the government law or the company policy. The user must confirm that he/she has attained the legal age to enter into a binding contract and is not barred from availing the services provided by Fly4Trip as per the laws of India or other applicable laws. ADVERTISERS ON Fly4Trip OR ITS OTHER ASSOCIATE WEBSITES It is to inform all the users that Fly4Trip does not endorse any advertiser on any of its web pages in any manner. The linked sites are not under the control of Fly4Trip and hence requesting the user that before undertaking any reliance on such advertiser, verify the accuracy of all information on their own. INSURANCE Fly4Trip does not claim any responsibility in terms of insurance coverage of a product or service and the insurance provided as a part of the service or product by Fly4Trip shall be as per the policy and rules and regulations of the insurance company. UNEXPECTED AND INEVITABLE CIRCUMSTANCES There can be exceptional and inevitable circumstances, where the service operators like airline, hotels and other transport operators are forced to serve the users and the circumstances may include bad climatic condition, technical issue, labor unrest, insolvency, business exigencies, route and flight, natural calamity, fire, strikes, embargoes, life-threatening circumstances like terror attacks, cancellation or diplomatic unrest between the countries. With the agreement, users agree to show respect towards such unfavorable situations. If Fly4Trip is informed in advance of such situation, it will put all its efforts to provide alternate service or product or initiate the refund immediately as per its policy and also if supported and refunded by the respected service operators. For any such circumstances, Fly4Trip will not be responsible and to avail or claim any right or compensation, the user can interact with the service operators directly. In rarest of rare cases, if Fly4Trip faces any technical issue, the services reserved or booked earlier may go through or involve substantial modification. In such cases, Fly4Trip is responsible to refund the entire amount received from the customer while booking any product or services provided by Fly4Trip. Fly4Trip is not liable for any delay, cancellation, or any other reasons that lead to the non-performance of the service due to several reasons, omissions of any of its pages or any links.

If any guideline or provision of this agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid either as a part or as a whole, such invalid or unenforceable part shall be omitted from the provision, but the remaining part of such provision of the agreement shall continue to function in full force and effect. HEADINGS The headings or sub-headings used by Fly4Trip for the purpose of convenience and identification and are not intended to describe, interpret, explain or limit the scope of this agreement, terms and conditions, rights of the users of Fly4Trip and its website or associated website in any manner whatsoever. RELATIONSHIP None of the provision of the agreement, terms and conditions, guidelines, rights of the users, its partner website asked or forced to constitute a partnership between the user and Fly4Trip and it also doesn’t authorize any party to be the agent of the other in any way. UPDATES AND NOTIFICATION OF THE INFORMATION BY Fly4Trip. Fly4Trip ensures and commits an inconvenient and hassle-free service to the users. However, it cannot deny that in rarest of rare case, it may have to face some inconvenience during the process while executing the required service or yielding information that may include inaccuracy or typographical errors. If anything happens like that,Fly4Trip shall immediately take necessary action against such and update the user about the same and resolve the issue as soon as possible. Fly4Trip may make improvements or changes in products or services or the way it delivers the product and services to the users in order to keep it trendy and proffer the best of the best service to the clients. Any changes or improvements on the website or service or products, Fly4Trip shall be responsible to notify its users. SAFETY OF DATA DOWNLOADED The user is responsible for downloading any data or material from the Fly4Trip website and the entire process is done at their own consent and risk and if any damage to the computer system or loss of data occurs, Fly4Trip will not be responsible for the same. Although,Fly4Trip ensures that any content or links on its website or other information channels are free of any kind of virus that may damage the user device or may occur any security threat. FEEDBACK FROM CUSTOMER AND SOLICITATION To make and ensure the best customer experience, Fly4Trip authorizes its customer to get in touch with Fly4Trip via Email, telephone call, SMS or any other medium. You can get the contact details from the Fly4Trip website and get assistance and information related to any of your query on any subject matter that is associated with Fly4Trip. The customers are requested to go through the privacy policy to understand its function. PROPRIETARY RIGHTS You may find various images, photographs, videos, contents, graphics or other such material, which may be protected by the copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights and laws. The users shall agree to abide by the terms and conditions of copyright of all contents and are expected not to copy, transmit or create derivative works of such material without express authorization. The user has no right to copy or upload any material that belongs to the Fly4Trip or third party partners and subjected to copyright and if any such situation happens, Fly4Trip is entitled to take legal action against the same. VISA OBLIGATIONS OF THE USER Fly4Trip is not responsible for any visa obligations and the inconvenience occurs while utilizing the service and products provided by Fly4Trip due to visa related issues. The travel bookings done by Fly4Trip are subject to the applicable requirements of visa which are to be obtained by the traveler. PERSONAL AND NON-COMMERCIAL USE LIMITATION The users are not entitled to modify, edit, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish, license, create derivative works from, transfer or sell any information, software products or any services obtained from the Fly4Trip website without any written approval from Fly4Trip. * Indemnification RIGHT TO REFUSE Fly4Trip reserves the right to assign no contract with the user for any service to provide until the complete payment towards the service received by the customer y Fly4Trip. Without any prejudice, to the terms and conditions of this agreement, the TOS or under applicable law, Fly4Trip shall reserve the right to limit the user’s activity, immediately cancel, suspend or terminate the user’s registration or refuse to provide the user with any access to the website if ccc finds out: ? The user is breaching or involved in breaching the agreement, the TOS or the documents it incorporates by reference. ?  Fly4Trip is unable to verify or authenticate any information provided by the user. ? Any action by the user contravenes the third party rights or breaches any applicable law or otherwise result in any liability for the user, other users of the website and or Fly4Trip. Fly4Trip reserves the right to recover any due payment against the purchased service or product by the customer and take strict legal action against the same if necessary. RIGHT TO CANCELLATION AGAINST INVALID INFORMATION PROVIDED BY THE USER The users are responsible to provide only correct and valid information while registering at the Fly4Trip account or requesting any service provided by Fly4Trip under this agreement. Fly4Trip reserves the right to decline access to the service if finds and defaults in information provided by the user. At any time, during or receiving a request for service by the user, if Go2Floy discovers the information given by the user is not valid or correct or has doubts on the authenticity of the information, Fly4Trip in its sole discretion shall have the right to take necessary steps against the user without any prior intimation. In such situation, Fly4Trip will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may cause to the user. Interpretation number and gender The terms and conditions of this agreement shall apply to both singular and plural and masculine, feminine and neuter gender. Whenever the context may require, any pronoun shall include the corresponding masculine, feminine and neuter form. MODIFICATION OF THESE TERMS OF USE Fly4Trip reserves the right to make any changes on the websites related to the terms and conditions and other relevant notices the Fly4Trip website offers, which may sometimes include but not limited to the charges. The users are requested to review the terms and conditions and policy time to time to avoid any inconvenience. JURISDICTION Fly4Trip renounces any implied warranties imputed by the laws of any jurisdiction or country other than those where it is operating its offices. Fly4Trip considers itself and intend to be subjected to the jurisdiction of the courts of NCR of Delhi, India. RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE USER AS PER THE AGREEMENT By accepting the terms and conditions and policy of this agreement, the user expressly agrees that use of the services provided by Fly4Trip is at their sole risk. Also, Fly4Trip acts as a travel booking agent and a mediator between third party service providers and customers, so it is not responsible for any aspects of the standards of service provided by the third party service provider. The services Fly4Trip provides are on ‘as available’ basis. So if the third party makes any changes on it, Fly4Trip will immediately or may change the features and functionality of the service at any time without any prior notice. If the user does not agree to any of the terms and conditions of this agreement, either as a part or as a whole, they are requested not to read the material on any of the Fly4Trip pages or otherwise use any of the contents, pages, information, or any other material provided by Fly4Trip. The sole and exclusive remedy of the user
in case of disagreement of the agreement, as a whole or as a part, is to discontinue using the services after notifying Fly4Trip in writing.


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